The VOLA Hangboard is purely designed for building up your finger power and grip strength. The variety of pockets and edges offer you a versatile training regime. With built-in M10 T-Nuts on both sides of the panel, you can easily attach any climbing hold to suit your training desire. Fine pine wood finish offers a soft and natural touch to your finger, allow you to spare your skin for training even harder.

Looking for more challenge? Bolt on VOLA Add-ons on those T-Nuts. Check in out on VOLA Add-ons.


Product Features :

      • Top curve edges for compression training
      • Flat top edges as a jug
      • 40 degree flat sloper
      • Timing or mobile device pocket
      • 2 Slots of M10 T-Nut
      • Mini crimp pocket
      • 3 different depth of one hand pockets
      • 3 different depth of two hand pockets
      • medium 3-finger pocket
      • medium 2-finger pocket
      • uneven 2-finger pocket
      • deep one-finger pocket

Product Size :

18x57x4.8 cm. (7×22.4×1.9 inch)

Package include :

      • Hangboard
      • Installment screws
Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 60 × 20 × 6 cm
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