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After the hundred tests on various materials. We have learned a lot, correct all the mistakes to finally becomes our volumes.


As a passionate climber, we do understand texture is matter. Our unique formula produces a skin-friendly surface, yet friction. The durable paint system is applied on both primer and top coat to produce a long lasting texture.

Metal washers

The metal washers are installed in all volumes to enhance the sturdiness of our volumes.


Our sturdy T-Nuts are twice as thick as typical one. The outer collar diameter is 14.5mm or about 5/8 inches with M10 inner diameter. Also, the chamfered inner collar allows setter to easily bolt a hold.

Our climbing holds were carved with multi-layer plywoods. Hours of cutting and tons of sanding to get a nice wood piece ready to be finished with the dual-textured surface. Start with a matte or glossy finish frictionless part, four coatings were applied. Sanding in between each coat gives a nice and smooth texture. Then the friction part, top-coat were painted carefully together with a fine-textured grain.

Dual texture

Dual texture allows route-setter to put climber into the intended movement and specific position. Not for just a right beta but also good ergonomic to prevent minor/major injury.

Metal washers

Both M10 and set-screw socket will be installed with washers. The fastener will sit tight and last long the holds.

Beside climbing indoor and outdoor, strengthen up your weakness is what climber needs to do to achieve a higher goal. The dominant climbers usually spent more time in training rather than climbing on the wall. A well-selected variety of materials was used to build our training equipment depending on their properties.

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